Why You Should Use A Lawyer

Using an attorney to short sale your home is a decision you should look into before you take any other steps. Why? The simple answer is that an attorney has a much better understanding of contracts, and how to navigate through the process of a successful short sale. Sure, there are other agencies who can help you short sell your home, but it will probably take much longer, and more than likely you will end up will much less than you were hoping to receive for your home. Anything is better than nothing though right? Wrong, that is not a professional approach and you should only deal with a professional.

With an attorney you have the reputation and credibility of a licensed and practicing representative with the resources and skills to best serve your needs. Additionally, an attorney will have relationships with the financial institutions involved in the short sale which makes your odds of success that much better. Moreover, an attorney can review contracts and help you understand what you were legally bound to and will offer you a strategy that will be acceptable by the financial institution for short sale. Real Estate agents or so called “short sale experts” will retain the services of an attorney and or refer you to one once a problem presents itself.  Therefore, you really dont need an extra party involved, it actually will only slow things down.

We Have Short Sale Approval From
Most Major Lenders, Including:
-Bank of America (Countrywide)
-Bank of America Home Loans
-Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
-Wells Fargo Home Equity
-JP Morgan Chase
-First Franklin
-First Tennessee
-National City Mortgage
-Greenpoint Mortgage
-1st Horizon
-Banco Popular
-Provident Funding
-and more