Short Sale Advantages


A Short Sale may not necessarily be the best option for everyone.

There are, however, many potential advantages that a Short Sale may provide, such as:

  • Allowing a homeowner to get rid of an “upside down” property;
  • Avoiding the damaging effects of a foreclosure if you are going to lose a property;
  • Possibly avoiding a deficiency judgment that may arise from a foreclosure;
  • Bringing finality to the stressful situation of dealing with troubled finances; and
  • Avoiding Bankruptcy, which may be important if a homeowner is not burdened by other debts or if the homeowner is averse to this option.

We Have Short Sale Approval From
Most Major Lenders, Including:
-Bank of America Home Loans
-Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
-Wells Fargo Home Equity
-JP Morgan Chase
-First Franklin
-First Tennessee
-National City Mortgage
-Greenpoint Mortgage
-1st Horizon
-Banco Popular
-Provident Funding
-and more