Can I File for Chapter 7?

Qualifying to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

The gross annual income is a primary factor in determining whether you may qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. For these purposes, the gross annual income is not the actual income earned over the past year, but rather the average monthly gross income earned for the six months prior to filing bankruptcy multiplied by 12.

Generally, in order to qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy relief, the maximum gross annual income is as follows: $43,685 for a single person, $56,367 for a couple, $59,346 for a three person family and $69,672 for a family of four.* With each additional person exceeding a family of four, the maximum gross annual income increases by approximately $8,100. In addition, if you earn more than the gross maximum income you may still be able to otherwise qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy relief. Please consult Christopher Legal Group for an appointment and a personalized analysis of your particular situation to see if you qualify for Chapter 7.


*This information is effective as of May 2015, and will periodically change.