• Short Sale

    A Short Sale is when a property is sold for less than what is owed on the mortgage(s) and other obligations, like back property taxes and HOA dues. The lender(s) will consider the offer for the property and the financial condition of the borrower when deciding to approve a Short Sale.  One of the keys to a successful Short Sale if to receive a waiver of the unpaid balance of your loan.  We typically get this waiver for our clients.

    Short Sale
  • Bankruptcy

    With the ongoing problems in the real estate and mortgage industries in Las Vegas, it is quite common to feel smothered by mortgage obligations and ever increasing credit card payments. This has greatly contributed to Nevada having one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country.  Bankruptcy can relieve these problems and give you a fresh start.

  • Estate Planning

    Estate Planning is the process of arranging one’s affairs for when they pass away. To most, this concept sounds relatively straightforward. You probably feel that you should dictate how and to whom your assets are distributed after you pass away, with little concern for any other issues that may arise. The reality of estate planning, however, is not always so simple.

    Estate Planning

Estate Planning, Probate, Real Estate, Small Business & Bankruptcy.

These are the areas that we thrive.  We combine experienced legal counsel with personal service to provide practical solutions for our clients’ needs.

Now that our state has begun to stabilize, many of our fellow Nevadans have an opportunity to begin the process of rebuilding their financial independence. However, there are still many who are in need of assistance and we will be here to provide the services necessary to aid them.  

As we have always maintained, our goal is simple . . . We want to help our clients get back on their feet as quickly and painlessly as possible. For more comprehensive information on how we may serve your needs please either review the pages on this site.  If you need help with estate planning, probate, real estate, small business & bankruptcy matters, please  contact our office to arrange a consultation.